PopUp in the Rock

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PopUp in the Rock is an annual joint project between Create Little Rock and studioMAIN, a nonprofit design collective.  It is part of a national movement known as the Better Block Project. It isn’t a street fair or a block party; rather, it’s a temporary urban demonstration – a live rendering – of what is possible. It exhibits important elements of the city, such as multiple transportation options and an active street edge, and provides activities that create community. This group of young professionals engages with community members to determine specific needs and institute changes such as bike lanes, pop-up shops, dining pop-ups, and entertainment.  By transforming just a few blocks into a thriving, complete locale, PopUp in the Rock exemplifies the idea that developing potential, even block-by-block, can make our city better.

For more info and to keep up with project developments, visit and like PopUp’s Facebook page: Facebook.com/PopUpInTheRock

To be added to the PopUp email list, just send an email to popupintherock@gmail.com.

 Past PopUp Projects

PopUp 2019 – SWLR | PopUp 2018 – Stifft Station

PopUp 2017 – Argenta | PopUp 2016 – Metro Hub

PopUp 2015 – West 9th  |  PopUp 2014 – Park Hill

PopUp 2013 – West 7th | PopUp 2012- South Main